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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Australia

September 02, 2021

The real estate industry in Australia is truly thriving. The residential property market has given homeowners great returns on their real estate investment throughout the years. A house is considered one of the most important needs for humans to survive. This very fact makes the industry strong despite the current pandemic situation, and thus the job concerning this industry.

If you're still half-hearted about hiring a real estate agent, here are some of the reasons why entrusting your properties with them is safe and effective. Let's get started.

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent

Working as a real estate agent involves certain qualifications to meet the requirements and standards set by the government office regulator. Thus, their duties and responsibilities are well-formulated and strictly followed by the professionals. Included on a real estate agent's duties and responsibilities are as follows:

- Seek prospect vendors and identify potential buyers.

- Promote properties on sale through the use of printed materials such as brochures, online listings on their website, and open houses.

- Present properties to prospective buyers and accompany them during inspections.

- Appraise properties.

- terms and conditions between sellers and buyers.

- Prepare contracts and documents.

- Facilitate settlements and write vendor reports.

- Guide clients on legal requirements, market conditions, financing, maintenance/repairs, appraisals, prices, and mortgages.

- Develop a netword of referrals such as solicitors, lenders, and tradespeople.

Steps on Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Like any other career, to become a real estate agent involves training, course, certificate, and a license to obtain a license and practice your profession. An agency such as the Office of Fair Trading handles the eligibility and suitability requirements for real estate agents in Australia. Here are the steps toward achieving this goal:

Assess Your Eligibility and Suitability

The real estate industry requires full responsibility not just to the property sellers and buyers, but most essentially, to the licensed professional whose getting paid to guide them on property investment. An aspiring real estate agent must visit the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for the requirements involved. Quick tip, to qualify as a real estate agent, you need to be 18 years old without being convicted of a serious offense. On the other hand, those who are yet to reach 18 can start taking courses as their preparation. This is a common career path for 17 year-olds who ought to take roles as agency receptionists as exposure to the real estate world. For the full list of eligibility and suitability requirements, click here.

Enroll for a Training Course

After the eligibility and suitability check, your next step is to undergo training. The minimum qualification for this is the real estate registration certificate. After the completion of your training, you will get a statement of attainment from your registered training institution. You may present this certificate to the OFT which, then, issues the real estate registration certificate.

Apply for a Registration Certificate

The application process for the registration certificate may take up to 6 weeks. The lodgment requires identification proof such as birth certificate, driver's license, passport, or citizenship certificate. The application for the certificate includes a fee that changes from year to year. You may want to visit the website of your desired region for their updated application fee.

Decide Which Role You Want to Take in the Industry

Your registration certificate is broad proof of your acquired knowledge and skills in the field of real estate. It doesn't limit what particular tasks in the real estate world you can only work on which means you can practice sales, property management, administration, and more.  The research will be part of this process so you get accustomed to what certain roles are better fit to your character as a real estate agent.

Entering the Real Estate World

Now that you are fully trained and qualified to take the role, the last step will be the actual work. Look for agencies that uphold your values as a licensed real estate professional. Believe in yourself and take every opportunity that knocks on your door.


Whether you are an aspiring real estate agent, a property seller or buyer, or a tenant who's into the industry, getting to know the steps on how to become a real estate agent is an essential step toward a successful transaction. If you're within the Wollongong region, you may approach Anthony Sorace from A-List Property Group for your real estate queries. Contact us today.


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