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Information for Landlords

Whatever your property management needs are, A- List Property Group can maximise your return on investment. We are your real estate locals and know the Illawarra market well. This will be a benefit to you as a Landlord as we will continue to provide valuable information in regard to the current market conditions, vacancy rates, tenancy supply and demand trends.

The four most important tasks we perform are:
1. Rent reviews and Lease terms

Our commitment is to you, the Landlord. Therefore, we strive to keep rent levels up to the current market and ensure this gives you maximum benefit and return. We compile arrears list daily and follow up tenants until rent money is either received or we will serve notices for termination. We aim to sign leases with tenants for the maximum period possible to ensure peace of mind of knowing you have a consistent return on investment.

2. Communicating with tenants

Finding the best tenant possible is not only crucial for you, but also for us. We conduct checks of income, employment, previous rental history and searches on the national tenancy database. In addition, we show properties to prospective tenants, assess applications, prepare and sign the tenancy agreements, checking in with vacating tenants, taking possession of the property, collecting keys, conducting ingoing & outgoing reports, inspecting for damage and general condition. We will also make necessary deductions from the bond if required.

3. Maintenance of Property

Prior to the lease commencing we conduct condition reports, then thorough routine inspections throughout the tenancy to ensure the property is maintained well. In addition, we ensure vacancies are in great condition to assist in obtaining the highest return within the shortest possible time frame. We handle all issues associated with the tenancy including maintenance & repairs, insurance claims, unsatisfactory routine inspections and any problems that the tenants are having.

4. Disputes

A-List Property Group will deal with any disputes with your tenant with the utmost professionalism and respect to avoid tribunal appearances. Service and communication are our number one priority, we always do our best to communicate well with the tenant, so we can come to an agreement before having to make an application to the tribunal. However, if any disputes do continue to the tribunal, A-List Property Group will represent you, our expertise and experience is sure to give you the best result possible.

The Renting Process

  • Deciding to rent your investment property
  • Appoint a professional agent that meets your criteria
  • Determine the rental price and marketing strategies
  • Advertise the property and conduct open for inspections
  • Applications are received, processed and then the applicant is approved
  • Two week Holding deposit and 4 week Bond money is paid
  • In going Condition report completed, Residential tenancy agreement signed
  • Routine inspections are conducted in the first 3 months & every 6 months thereafter
  • Maintenance and repairs are attended to throughout the tenancy
  • Tenant renews lease for a further fixed term or gives notice to vacate the property
  • Outgoing condition report is completed, bond money released when property is satisfactory

Why choose A-List Property Group?

We are professional in our demeanor and we strive to achieve the maximum return possible whilst having exceptional tenants in your property to ensure your investment is well cared for. Our team is professional and highly motivated, below are some things we assist you with to ensure you get the best experience possible

Our Package to You
  • A professionally prepared rental assessment to provide you with an accurate and achievable identification of expected rental per week.
  • Ongoing reporting in regard to your property.
  • In depth tenant screening including National Tenancies Database, credit & reference checks, our professional advice however your decision is final.
  • A highly detailed Ingoing Property Condition Report with photos to monitor the condition of your property.
  • Rent collection, receipting, Arrears control, maintaining accurate account ledgers and electronic transfer of funds to your bank account fortnightly or monthly.
  • Ongoing liaisons with tenants to ensure the properties condition is maintained and that financial commitments are met continuously.
  • Routine inspections conducted after 3 months when new tenants move in and every 6 months thereafter.
  • Appropriate documentation prepared for the tenancy including the Lease Agreement, Condition report, Special Conditions, Key page and Pet agreement form if required.
  • The lodgment and claim of the tenant’s bonds.
  • A highly detailed Outgoing Property Condition Report with photos
  • Arranging any necessary repairs, maintenance, cleaning or Insurance claims.
  • Yearly rent reviews and Lease renewals.
  • Organizingrepairs and maintenance during the managing of your property.
  • Payment of all your property outgoings including Council & Water Rates, Strata levies.
  • Residential Tenancies Tribunal Attendance.


Selling a property can be a stressful time for many and it does come with some major responsibilities for you as the seller, especially when it’s one of your most valuable assets.



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