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8 hours agoThis cloaca is a blight on the neighbourhood. How can any self respecting real estate agency attempt to lease this piece of shit. The turd that owns this place is obviously a fuckwit of the highest order.


8 hours agoI run ghost tours of the Illawarra and am particularly keen to add this haunted dilapidated brothel to my resume.


8 hours agoI'm Rade, I own this cesspool. I enjoy plucking the wings off flies, eating cow manure and just being a general impost on society

Charles Manson

8 hours agoEven I wouldn't rent this putrid thing. Knock the cunt down ffs


6 hours agoIs this still available? Def keen

Eleanor McMurtrie

18 hours agoOohh this looks purrrfect for me and my 86 cats. Plenty of kitchen space for the kitty trays and a nice living room area to install some scratching posts. After a couple of deodorising sprays of catnip, my pussies will be really fired up!!!


4 hours agoThis place is unfit for humans. I'd like to speak to the manager


4 hours agoCovid-19 needs to be vaccinated against this house


2 hours agoI know owner Radè, great guy. He like cat and pickled herring. My Nissan Bluebird from 1990 still out front

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