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Open Homes

7 hours agoHi, I attended the open house this afternoon and was somewhat shocked at the state of the house. Now I understand why you don't have a picture of the front of the property. It's hideous. Regards, Noel


6 hours agoHello, I also attended today's open house and I echo Noel's comment - the place is a fucking shithole.


9 hours agoI wouldn't pay $450 a month to rent this dilapidated brothel

Stephen King

9 hours agoI'm writing a horror novel and this place looks ideal for some inspiration.


12 hours agoWalked the dog past this today and couldn’t believe it could be for rent. How?! It’s derelict. The house is awful from the street and needs a lot of cosmetic work before you could even charge someone anywhere near that amount to live there. Stay away…

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